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Cuba Libre
The classic Cuban blend of Flor de Caña Reserve, Cola and a twist of lime.

Cachaça 51, sugar, lime, ice and a splash of club soda. It's the national drink of Brazil!

Sugar Island Coconut Rum and RumChata mix for a unique blend of sweet cream and cinnamon.

Mile Zero
We put the lime in the coconut with Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Cream Rum, Sugar Island Coconut Rum and orange liqueur with freshly squeezed lime juice.


Appleton Estate Reserve Blend, Jamaica7

Appleton Estate 21-Year, Jamaica15

Bacardi 86

Bacardi Gold6

Bacardi Añejo6

Blue Chair Bay White5.50

Cachaça 516

Captain Morgan5.50

Captain Morgan Private Stock6.50

Cruzan Aged Dark Rum5.50

Cruzan Aged Light Rum 5.50

Cruzan Single Barrel6.50

Don Q Añejo9

El Dorado 12-Year6

Flor De Caña Gold6

Flor De Caña Reserve 7-Year6.50

Flor De Caña 12-Year7.50

Flor De Caña 18-Year8

J. Wray Jamaican Gold6

Kraken Black Spiced6.50

Leblon Cachaça6

Mount Gay Silver6

Mount Gay Reserve6.50


Pyrat XO6.50

Seven Tiki6

Sailor Jerry6

Santa Teresa Rum 17968

Ron Zacapa 23-Year8

Vizcaya VXOP7.50

Zaya 12-Year Gran Reserva7

Flavored Rum


Bacardi Apple

Bacardi Limon

Bacardi O

Bacardi Peach

Bacardi Raspberry

Blue Chair Bay Banana Cream

Blue Chair Bay Key Lime Cream

Cruzan Black Cherry

Cruzan Pineapple

Cruzan Strawberry

Malibu Banana

Malibu Coconut

Malibu Passion Fruit

Malibu Mango

Malibu Pineapple


Sugar Island Coconut

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